Meet a chiropractor

Help on the horizon

Jambiani is a cluster of mainly thatch-roofed huts perched on the edge of Zanzibar, a densely forested island off the east coast of Africa ringed by white beaches. The sort of place where impossible beauty is enmeshed with all-too possible poverty and a local people desperate for health care.

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An indefatigable advocate

Anybody who tries the maxim of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' on Dr Bettina Tornatora soon learns that different rules apply when it comes to 21st century health care.

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The dialogue doctor

In 2007 a woman walked into Angus Pyke’s office and changed his life.

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Fast Feet

At first glance, Dr Kate Stewart appears to be a walking contradiction.

Extraordinarily fit, from months of disciplined training – and yet also uncontainably spontaneous.

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