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Chiropractors offer advice not only on ways to reduce back pain, but also to help patients consider their diet and build more exercise into their lifestyle.

  • Diet and exercise could both be improved for the average Australian. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare's 2012 Risk Factors report found that:
    • Over 90% of Australians don't eat the recommended quantity of vegetables each day;
    • Around 50% do not eat the recommended quantity of fruit;
    • Almost 60% do not undertake sufficient physical activity to incur health benefits (defined as 150 minutes per week over at least 5 sessions)
    • More than 80% of Australians spend more than 3 hours each day sitting during their leisure time
    • Poorer people are more likely to have risky health behaviours


Chiropractic care for back pain


The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has calculated that 1.8 million Australians – almost 10% of the population – suffer back problems.

  • The Institute states that many back problems commence in the 15-34 age group. People with back problems were two and a half times as likely to have disorders such as depression. This is a really serious problem – estimated to force 280,000 Australians into early retirement annually and costing the economy $12 billion.

Australian Chiropractic patients


  • A 2013 study of Victorian chiropractors provided valuable insights into the demand for chiropractic care:
    • 62% of appointments were for back problems
    • 71% of patients were aged 25-64
    • Spinal adjustments and massage were the most common types of care provided by chiropractors
    • Musculoskeletal issues were most commonly treated.

Australian Chiropractors

  • The out of pocket cost of Australians visiting chiropractors was more than $905 million, according to research released in 2008.

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