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The Easter school holidays are just around the corner, and many parents are worried that their kids will end up indoors all day staring at device screens. Fear not; there are lots of new activities to try across Victoria, and events to take part in!

Sitting in stooped position looking at screens bad for spine health

A recent survey by the British Chiropractic Association found that 73 per cent of children aged between 11 and 16 spent between one and six hours looking at a laptop, tablet or computer.

A child using a tablet computer

When typing onto a keyboard on the screen of the device, they also tend to crane their neck forward. This hunched position can be even more pronounced when using phones and phone-sized gaming devices – with young children sometimes hunched over in this position for hours.

Many chiropractic practices are seeing an increasing number of children with lower back pain and other posture-related issues resulting from these contortions of the spine and body. 

Screens bad for young eyes

Health.gov recommends that children under the age of 2 do not use screen-based devices or watch TV, and children aged 2-5 should have no more than one hour of screen-time per day. This leaves a good number of hours in the day to try and fill with engaging entertainment and activities.

It's in our children's best interests, then, to limit the instances when children will turn to their devices to cope with boredom. Here are just some suggestions that you can look into as you try to fill your kids' schedules with fun, healthy activities.


Poster for the Melbourne Easter Show

Naturally, there is a plethora of events and activities across Melbourne. Our picks of the bunch would have to be the Melbourne Easter Show, the Luna Park egg hunt, and the Mornington Railway Easter Bunny Trains on Sunday.

Check out Tot: Hot or Not for a really long list of fun activities: http://tothotornot.com/2018/03/easter-2018/

A dragon is paraded through Bendigo


The Bendigo Easter will run from Good Friday to Easter Monday and will feature and Easter egg hunt and children's fire truck rides.

Information PDF: http://live-bendigo-easter-festival.pantheonsite.io/sites/default/files/BEF%202018%20program%20for%20web_A4_1.pdf 


A child is exploring water-based animalsGoulburn Valley

Shepparton is hosting many events over the holidays, including fencing and a Junior Ranger program! GV Libraries are also hosting several events, such as craft workshops and their own egg hunts.

Shepparton Council events: http://greatershepparton.com.au/whats-happening/events 

GV Libraries School Holiday Programs: https://www.gvlibraries.com.au/assets/files/documents/Children/April_School_Holidays_2018.pdf 

Adults relax in bean-bags drinking wineWangaratta

The Brown Brothers Easter Family Festival at their Milawa vineyard will have an egg hunt as well as lawn games and a maze!

Information: https://www.visitwangaratta.com.au/listing/brown-brothers-easter-family-festival-milawa/ 



At home

On days when you can't get out, there are some fun exercise routines that can be done to help avoid idleness, and back and neck soreness at home.

Click here for fun children's exercises that can be done at home: https://chiropractors.asn.au/images/stories/Files/Public_Resources/Straighten%20Up%20Australia%20-%20Children.pdf 

If your child complains of neck or back pain, consult with your local chiropractor for professional advice. Find your local practice: http://chirosearch.com.au 


Recommendations and links are provided for informational purposes only


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