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Chiropractic Fee Survey

Results for the 2016 CAAVIC Annual Chiropractic Fee Survey.

Average consultation fees, report-writing charges and x-ray fees, across the state of Victoria.

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Superannuation word cloud

It's never too early to starting planning your finances! 

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Member Blogging Kit

CAAVIC provide content for members to use on their social media and websites.

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Your Voice

Your Voice is CAAVIC's quarterly news bulletin, delivering information and updates affecting chiropractors in Victoria.

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CAAVIC Branch Library

Love reading? Love your CAAVIC Library.

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Leadership in the Health Sector

What does it mean to be a leader in the chiropractic profession?

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Mentor Programme

 Mentoring is a supportive relationship to provide feedback, discuss issues, refine your ideas and practice and confidently put your plans into action.

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Women In Chiropractic (WIC)

CAAVIC's Women In Chiropractic Committee supports members through gender issues and peer-to-peer support.

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Useful Links

Links to CAA sites, chiropractic colleges and chiropractic organisations.

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Articles and Media Releases for CAA Members

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